hatch chicks or ducklings from home!
Host a bunny!

My family and I had such an amazing time doing the hatching experience. We were even able to keep the chicks we hatched and they’ve been such a joy to have! I swear Lindsey held my hand the whole way as having chickens was something new to us. She was extremely responsive and helpful and is still guiding me along the way 5 months later. The chickens are so healthy and beautiful and I was thrilled to find someone to get organic chickens from. We can’t wait to get more. Highly recommend Two Little Acres!​

Kaitlin Guessford

Google Review

My daughter (10yo) loved everything about the bunny experience. She had two bunnies for the week that she learned about how to love and care for them, but also now has an appreciation for how much work new pets can be! I also can't say enough good things about Two Little Acres Homestead. They are a true family run homestead farm that we can't help but love to support. We can't wait to do the chick experience in the Fall!

Lisa Strump

Facebook Review

Fresh Organic Chicken & Duck eggs

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